"scarry night" is a visual novel by Philipp Teich

developed for the Paint Jam 2019

The project took more time, than I expected, so I only finished one of the three story branches (the moon). Some of the links/decisions won't work yet.
Also, I'm not a native speaker and appreciate feedback on the language.

Paint Jam Rules:
Use only MS Paint as graphics editing tool.

"The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh

Optional challenges:

  • Only use the default MS Paint color palette. (Almost, I added only 2 colors.)
  • Use only comic sans for any in-game font. (Yeah...)
  • Draw your assets without a drawing tablet.
  • Try to make the title/logo without any real type/font.

The game features:

  • ambitiously drawn MS Paint graphics
  • 9 different endings (will be much more in the final version)


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the mystery of the severed ear revealled! :D